Resolution at the extraordinary general meeting

At the extraordinary general meeting of Saltängen Property Invest (publ), held on 4 February 2015 in Stockholm, it was resolved that the board of directors of the company shall consist of Mikael Igelström, Ulf Clacton and Anders Melin. Mikael Igelström was elected chairman of the board. It was noted that, Gustav Rehnqvist, Stefan De Geer and Clara de Château resigned as board members in connection with the extraordinary general meeting.

Stockholm, 4 February 2015

For additional information, please contact:
Stefan Björkqvist, CEO,
Saltängen Property Invest AB (publ)
Tel: 070-415 84 18

About Saltängen Property Invest AB (publ)
Saltängen Property Invest AB (publ) is a Swedish real estate company indirectly owning, managing and letting the property Saltängen 1 in Västerås. The Property is fully leased to ICA Fastigheter Sverige Aktiebolag and is currently used as storage unit. The initial building was originally completed in 1975 and has since been further developed through building extensions. The property encompasses a total land area of 232,686 sqm, of which 104,726 sqm consists of a lettable area. The company is managed by the asset manager Hestia Group. Wildeco is the company's Certified Advisor.



Finansiell översikt för perioden (26 augusti 2014 - 31 december 2014)

· Hyresintäkterna uppgick till 2.816 Tkr för perioden.
· Förvaltningsresultatet uppgick till -840 Tkr vilket motsvarar -0,18 kr per aktie.
· Fastighetens orealiserade värdeförändring uppgick till 25.000 Tkr för perioden. Värdeförändring på finansiellt instrument uppgick till 0 Tkr.
· Resultat efter skatt uppgick till 18.368 Tkr, motsvarande 4,00 kr per aktie.


The board of Saltängen Property Invest AB (publ) has resolved on new dates for the Annual General Meeting 2015 and the publication of the Year-End Report for the financial year 2014:

·The Year-End Report will be published on 20 March, 2015
·The Annual General Meeting 2015 will be held on 23 April, 2015


Saltängen Property Invest AB (publ) kallar härmed till extra bolagsstämma den 4 februari 2015 klockan 17:00 i Pareto Securities lokaler på Berzelii Park 9, våning 6 i Stockholm


Saltängen Property Invest has been accepted for listing on First North at Nasdaq Stockholm. The first day of trading is Thursday 15 January, 2015.



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